Today's Holiday Is
Working Like a Dog

Today’s Holiday is: National Work Like a Dog Day

National Work Like a Dog Day falls on August 5. This holiday, which falls in the middle of the dog days of summer, reminds us all to think about the hard workers out there that make the world go around.

The name is based on an American turn of phrase, which means to work tirelessly and without complaint. It is likely derived from the tireless work ethic of service dogs, who are noted as having almost unending energy.

Some have noted that the holiday’s ethos is a bit grim, encouraging working people to work “like dogs”. Some take the holiday a bit more tongue-in-cheek, using grim humor to make light of their very tough occupations. Industrious capitalists, however, often honor the holiday at face-value, commending the most doggedly determined among their workers.

Staying Productive

On a more positive note, the holiday can be a great time to focus on becoming more productive in a constructive way. The average US worker is at their least productive between 4 PM and 6 PM, according to studies.

For whatever reason, Tuesdays are also the day that people tend to be the most productive. Generally speaking, then, this means that it’s often best to launch into a difficult project on Tuesdays!

Working Hard

Hard work can be an uplifting and positive thing when channeled for the right reasons. If you’ve got goals that you’re working towards, take today to double down on that hard work. Put in a few extra hours to make it perfect. Whatever your goals may be, working hard and persevering is unlikely to steer you wrong!

Often, people can feel like putting in more than the minimum effort is a waste of time. If you’re not losing your job and you’re still getting paid, why work harder? You’d be surprised at how your hard work can pay off, however.

Keep it Light

Try not to be too down on yourself if you’re toiling away at a tough career. Everyone’s been there: you feel like you’re working like a dog but you’re not getting anywhere. This can be disheartening, but it’s critical that you don’t give up. Giving up will get you nowhere fast.

Instead, double down on your determination to put in your all. When you have the passion and the drive to push forward, good things are likely to come your way. So, don’t get discouraged. Keep up the work, find that inner drive, and make it happen.

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