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Pit Bull

Today’s Holiday is: National Pit Bull Awareness Day and More

National Pit Bull Awareness Day falls on October 26. This holiday asks everyone to take a moment to consider the dog breed of pit bulls, a much-maligned breed of dogs who have a reputation for viciousness. In reality, every dog is the product of their environment, and pit bulls can be very sweet pets.

However, stigma against them leads many people to be suspicious of any and all dogs of the breed.

October 26 is also the National Day of the Deployed, a day that celebrates all of those military service people who are deployed overseas. Active deployment is often a thankless job, with servicepeople performing their tasks far from their families and homes. As such, today we take a moment to say thank you.

National Pit Bull Day

In the 18th Century, the pit bull was bred by a crossing of the bulldog and terrier in England. This was for two main reasons: one, landowners were frustrated with the growing vermin problem that was resulting from the Industrial Revolution.

The new breed of dog was capable of handling mice and other rodents quite well. The other main reason, as you might be guessing, was for dog fighting. Humans love blood sport, and dog fighting then, as now, was quite popular among some circles.

However, despite their violent origins, pit bulls are not inherently any more dangerous than any similar-sized dog. Dogs are companion animals that pick up on the cues of their humans. If a dog is raised in a vicious environment and taught to be violent, then they will be. If the animal is raised in a loving environment, then they will be a sweet, docile companion to humans.

National Day of the Deployed

Volunteering for military service typically involves some degree of personal sacrifice. Training, exercise, overseas deployment, and potentially active combat are all things that a service member can expect. Being deployed far from home can be tiring and exhausting, but it’s something many members of the armed forces know all too well.

That’s why this day is set aside as a thank-you to deployed service people. If you know any service people who are on deployment, give them a call today and thank them for their service and their sacrifice.

Consider sending a care package of their favorite snacks and comforts of home, especially if those are items they can’t easily get where they’re deployed. Remember, a bit of recognition can go a long way.

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