Today's Holiday Is
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Today’s Holiday Is: National New Friends Day

Let’s be honest, folks – making friends as an adult is hard. So while I laughed at this holiday the first time I read about it, the more I thought about it, the better an idea it seemed.

Are you in need of some new friends? Let’s talk about how to celebrate this silly holiday, and how to expand your social circle.

Join a Group Sport or Team!

The best way to connect with someone is with shared interests, so think about the team sports you enjoy – or, realistically, you wouldn’t hate trying.

Many companies have ‘team’ sports so you can play with your coworkers and build relationships. Or you can look at local baseball teams, volleyball, kickball… many don’t require a lot of physical prowess, so don’t feel bad if you’re not the best.

Meetup is Legit

Maybe your interests are less physical? That’s okay – mine are, too. Sites like MeetUp are a great choice!

A quick search in my own area showed me writers groups, a Witches circle, something called a Zentangler, local Mushroom ID, a singles group, a board game group, a meeting for Landlords to talk about common issues…

You get the point. There are a lot of groups, and it’s really an awesome way to meet new people and connect along with a common bond. It really doesn’t matter what you’re interested in – there is a good chance others out there are interested, too.

Don’t Discount the Internet

Remember when parents would tell their kids not to talk to strangers online? Yeah, I’m going to erase that. Yes, talk to strangers online!

Connecting on an online forum with strangers can be a great way to make a virtual friend. If you play a game, check out any Discord communities for that game. Reddit can be really gross, but it also has plenty of smaller, niche communities that are very welcoming.

NextDoor can be a great place to meet local people with similar interests, and there is both an app and a website you can scroll.

From communities about gardening to sewing, your favorite TV series, a new sport… if you can dream it, there is a community out there. Find it, and you could find your next best friend.

You’re Never Too Old to Make a New Friend

Just because you’re not 14 anymore doesn’t mean you’re too old to make new friends. Enjoy this holiday and meet someone new that you wouldn’t have otherwise run into.

Even if it’s just a conversation with a stranger at a coffee shop… get out there and meet people!

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