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Today’s Holiday Is: National Fruit Cocktail Day (and More)

May 13 is a very special day for some people, as it’s National Fruit Cocktail Day! What’s more, it’s also National Receptionists’ Day! Perhaps these two are connected somehow? Or, maybe it’s just a coincidence. In either case, there’s cause to celebrate!

If you’re the type that wonders about the origins of modern phenomenon, you might have looked into fruit cocktails. After all, they’re a rather new phenomenon, but they seem linked to a storied history. Likewise, the position of receptionist isn’t exactly new, but it’s changed a lot in recent years. Let’s take a closer look.

Fruit Cocktail Background

Prior to the early twentieth century, drinking was incredibly prevalent. The US, in particular, was known for its heavy consumption of alcohol. Spirits, beer and wine were all quite popular choices at bars across the country. Notably, cocktails, as we currently know them, were few and far between. When you visited a bar in 1890 and ordered whiskey, you got a shot of whiskey.

If you wanted a beverage to drink over the course of a meal or a social engagement, you would order beer or wine. When you ordered hard liquor, you were looking to get inebriated. In those days, people got absolutely lifted at bars far more than they do the modern era. This led to some serious public health issues, and spawned a temperance movement that wanted drinking outlawed.

This eventually led to Prohibition, a period of time when alcohol was illegal in the US. This didn’t stop folks from drinking, though! Instead, they would congregate in “speakeasies,” unlawful bars that operated under the radar. They couldn’t legally source alcohol, though, so they had to distill their own. It tasted so bad that they had to mix it with fruity flavors to make it palatable! Thus, the modern fruit cocktail was born.

National Receptionist’s Day

Every great office depends on a great receptionist. Without the right person behind the front desk helping things run properly, most offices would just fall apart. However, there’s a trend among some people to write off receptionists’ jobs as “easy” or unnecessary. That viewpoint couldn’t be further from the truth.

Scheduling meetings, managing office correspondence, inventory for the office’s supplies and more often fall to the receptionist. Not to mention, the receptionist is the first smiling face visitors see when visiting the office. Without the front desk to manage things, the average office would be little more than a disorganized mess!

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