Today's Holiday Is

Today’s Holiday is: National Dog Day

That’s right, today is National Dog Day. For most dog people, that means it’s just another day! Jokes aside, this is the holiday set aside to celebrate man’s best friend, the happy little pup that walks along by your side. Whether you’re a dog owner or just an internet enthusiast, chances are good you’ve got something to celebrate on National Dog Day.

History of Dogs and Humans

Dogs and humans have been closely allied for roughly 14,000 years. Historians believe that the earliest dogs humans domesticated were likely closer to wolves, genetically, than their modern-day descendants. It’s likely that these early dogs would have gnawed on the bones of human meals, the inedible material that human tribes would simply throw aside.

Humans, seeing the potential to make a fluffy friend, were likely quick to encourage these pack animals to join them. Taking a swift-moving, sharp-fanged companion into a hunt surely made things easier for prehistoric man to acquire food. Not to mention, having another warm body by the fireside certainly made home camp cozier.

National Dog Day

The history of National Dog Day is much more recent than the history of dogs and humans’ first interactions. The holiday was founded in 2004 by Colleen Paige, an animal rights activist. Of course, the purpose was so that dogs could be celebrated, but also to draw attention to dogs in shelters. The main point of the day is to encourage loving families to adopt their very own dogs.

There are millions of dogs in shelters all around the world. Dogs make great companion animals, which is why they’re such good pets! There are countless types of dogs in the world, so everyone could find a dog that fits their lifestyle and preferences.

How to Celebrate

The ways to celebrate National Dog Day are simple. The first, if you already have a dog, is to spoil them today! Take them to their favorite park, give them their favorite treat, and play with them longer than you normally would. This is their holiday, after all.

If you’re not already a dog owner, no worries. Instead, you could visit the animal shelter and see all the great dogs that are up for adoption. Who knows, you might even find one that wants to come home with you! There’s little in the world more rewarding than welcoming a new best friend into your home. And there’s no better day to do it than on National Dog Day!

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