Today's Holiday Is

Today’s Holiday is: National Bunny Day and More

The fourth Saturday or Sunday in September is National Bunny Day. If you’re a fan of pet rabbits, either as an owner or just an appreciator of how cute they are, this day is for you. Rabbits make excellent pets and are known for their gentle and docile demeanors.

Today is also National Pancake Day, which falls on September 26 every year. That makes today not only adorable but also very sweet. Who doesn’t love rabbits and pancakes?

National Bunny Day

National Bunny Day is meant to raise awareness about the kinds of conditions that are ideal for pet rabbits. It’s also a day to encourage people to adopt rabbits as pets into their homes. Rabbits are similar to cats: small, indoor pets who can be very affectionate and sweet. Generally speaking, rabbits are considered gentle animals who make excellent house pets.

Humans have kept rabbits as pets since as early as 1200 AD. Normans brought rabbits with them to England and kept them as pets at this point in time. It’s likely that the animals had already been pets in Norman culture for some time before that, but their trip to England is the earliest surviving record of the animals as pets.

In 1910, the first American association of rabbit owners was created. The association helped to organize rabbit owners and spread information about how to keep pet rabbits healthy and happy. In 1916, a breeder in California stumbled upon the classic white rabbit appearance that is so famous today. White rabbits are notably even calmer and sweeter than the average rabbit!

National Pancake Day

Call them pancakes, call them flapjacks, call them whatever you’d like: just make sure you also call them delicious. Polls have found that an overwhelming majority of people love pancakes, and only a small fraction of the population actively dislikes the breakfast staple. The best way to celebrate National Pancake Day is, of course, to whip up a ton of pancakes, drench them in syrup and go to town.

If you’ve never tried it, have pancakes with your dinner! Breakfast for dinner is a severely underrated meal option. But a stack of pancakes, bacon, sausage, and eggs will make your day after a long shift at work. Trust us on this one, we’ve done the math! Pancakes plus eggs plus dinner equals a great meal. So, take a moment on this national pancake day to enjoy this tasty breakfast treat, any time of the day.

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