Today's Holiday Is


a group of friends drinking coffee

Today’s Holiday Is: National New Friends Day

Let’s be honest, folks – making friends as an adult is hard. So while I laughed at this holiday the first time I read about it, the more I thought about it, the better an idea it seemed. Are you in need of...


Today’s Holiday is: National Hydration Day

On June 24, we observe National Hydration Day. Have you had enough water today? If not, drink a glass! Today’s the day to think seriously about hydration, and make sure that you’re getting plenty of water in your diet...

Riding a Bike

Today’s Holiday Is: World Bicycle Day

One of the most enduring rights of passage for a child is the first bicycle ride they take with no training wheels. This transition from the kid-friendly, safe version of the physical act of riding a bike into the “real...

Friends running in the sand at the beach

Today’s Holiday is: National Sunscreen Day

National Sunscreen Day, also affectionately known as Don’t Fry Day, falls on May 27. While not exactly a holiday, the day is a national observance of the importance of wearing sunscreen. Given that it usually falls near...

Millionaire on a private jet

Today’s Holiday Is: National Be a Millionaire Day

May 20 is the day of observance for an odd national holiday: National Be a Millionaire Day. No, unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that you get to be a millionaire for a day, though that would be awesome. Instead...


May 6: National Nurses Day and More

The sixth day of May is the date of National Nurses Day as well as National Tourist Appreciation Day. Both of these holidays are somewhat ironic this year, as tourism is down across the globe due to novel...