Today's Holiday Is


Video Gaming

Today’s Holiday Is: National Video Game Day

The most beloved and excellent holiday of them all falls on July 8. Better than Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Independence Day all rolled together, July 8 is National Video Game Day. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an...

Iced Tea

Today’s Holiday is: National Iced Tea Day

On June 10 this year, we observe National Iced Tea Day! It helps that this day falls in a particularly hot season in the US. After all, what better time to enjoy a nice glass of iced tea than in the early summer? Today...


Today’s Holiday Is: World Donut Day

This is not a drill, gang: June 5 is World Donut Day. We repeat: June 5 is World Donut Day! That’s right, it’s a whole day dedicated to everyone’s favorite round, holed, glazed dessert treat. The first Friday of June...


Today’s Holiday Is: Learn About Composting Day

Learn About Composting Day, which is easily the most fun holiday you’ve ever heard of, falls on May 29. And, as the name suggests, this isn’t just a holiday about composting. Now, that would be too simple! No, this is a...


Today’s Holiday Is: National Pizza Party Day and More

May 15 is a fun day for national holidays in the US. On May 15, the US observes National Pizza Party Day and National Chocolate Chip Day. Why not throw a pizza party and serve chocolate chip cookies for dessert? That’s...


May 6: National Nurses Day and More

The sixth day of May is the date of National Nurses Day as well as National Tourist Appreciation Day. Both of these holidays are somewhat ironic this year, as tourism is down across the globe due to novel...